2-3/8″ Table Pedestal Thrdlock Package, 27″ Long, Double Lock


27″ Long 2-3/8″ Uni-Lock post with Uni-Lock table mount and Thread-Lock™ table base.

Package contains:
3660704-L Plastic Table Mount Locking, 2-3/8″ table mount, made from high-strength black plastic.
7″ diameter with 5-3/4″ hole pattern.
3691027-L Post, Thread-Lock™ 27″, Double Locking 2-3/8″ Uni-Lock post.
3690001-SL Base, Thread-Lock™, Satin Lockin 2-3/8″ Threaded table base. High-strength aluminum in Satin.
7″ diameter with 5-3/4″ hole pattern.